Investigation on the texture of cream cheese with different methods

  • Ottília Bara-Herczegh
  • József Csanádi
  • Sándor Barakonyi


Rheological characterization of cheeses, especially processed cheeses is very important, because the quality is determined mainly by the texture properties, and the technology and the storage conditions have significant impact on the required texture. Rheological and texture properties are mainly affected by the chemical composition and the type and quantity of the processing conditions. After production the structure is going through of major changes during cooling period and the storage, so a description of knowledge well-defined circumstances, using the parameters may provide useful additional information to the qualification. The structure formation of the final product is also useful feed-back information for the manufacturer.Different type the Sole-Mizo Co. produced processed cheeses (nature and ham flavoured) were investigated by sensory and rheological methods (texture analyses and flow behaviour). The gross composition and the quality according to the sensory test met with the requirements, their quality were located in good and excellent category. The texture of samples was studied by Texture Analyser QTS 25. The nature cheeses were investigated in the total shelf-life according to a programme, the ham flavoured samples only during a shorter period. We determined the hardness value dependence versus shelf-life. The hardness can be a useful parameter in the qualification of cream cheese. The flow behaviour of ham favoured samples was investigated by viscometer at different temperature. The apparent viscosity changed with the temperature. Flow curves showed a same character as the typical non-Newtonian pseudo plastic fluids. It was created a consistency index (as a rheological parameter) and its changes can be associated whit with temperature induced changes in the structure of processed cheeses.


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Bara-Herczegh, O., Csanádi, J., & Barakonyi, S. (2013). Investigation on the texture of cream cheese with different methods. Analecta Technica Szegedinensia, 7(1-2), 5-9.

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