Effect of different drying techniques on the drying time and energy of blueberry


  • Tamás Antal University of Nyiregyhaza, Hungary




single- and two-stage drying, drying time, energy uptake, rehydration, blueberry


Blueberries (Vaccinium corymbosum L.) were dried combining vacuum, infrared, hot-air and freeze drying technologies. In this paper, examined the drying time and energy consumption of dewatering methods. The rehydration as a physical property were evaluated in dried blueberries. Combination of vacuum dried and freeze dried blueberries had higher rehydration ratio, followed by the single freeze drying, combination of hot-air drying and freeze drying, and infrared-freeze drying methods. The performance evaluation indicated that combination drying of blueberries at two-stage infrared-freeze drying with 60°C and 15 min pre-drying reduced the drying time by 53.4%, besides consuming less energy (52.9%) compared to single freeze drying. Based on the results, primarily vacuum pre-drying, infrared pre-drying and freeze finish-drying may be the economical and optimal solution for dehydrating blueberries.


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