Detection of efficiency of microwave-enhanced sludge treatments by dielectric measurements




wastewater, sludge, microwave, dielectric measurements, biodegradability


Microwave irradiation is a promising pre-treatment method for sludge stabilisation, but there are few studies focusing its effect on organic matter solubility and biodegradability of wastewater and sludge originated from the food industry. In our research, microwave irradiation was applied standalone and in combination with alkaline treatment to enhance the solubilisation and biodegradation of organic matter content of meat industry wastewater and municipal sludge, respectively. The energy efficiency was investigated, as well. Dielectric measurement is a suitable method to detect physicochemical changes, therefore our research work covered the determination of dielectric properties of the investigated materials. Our experimental results have revealed that the lower power and energy intensity microwave-alkaline treatments were the most efficient pre-treatment process from energetically aspects to increase the organic matter solubility and biodegradability of wastewater and sludge. Furthermore, a strong linear correlation was found between the dielectric constant and the indicators of the solubility of organic matter (SCOD/TCOD) and aerobic biodegradability (BOD/COD) in both treated materials, respectively. Our results show that the dielectric measurements can be applied for detection of physicochemical changes, predict the improvement of biodegradability, and considered as a promising method to estimate the efficiency of sludge pre-treatment methods.


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Haranghy, L., Jákói, Z., Hodúr, C., & Beszédes, S. (2021). Detection of efficiency of microwave-enhanced sludge treatments by dielectric measurements. Analecta Technica Szegedinensia, 15(2), 53–57.




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