Thermal experimental and numerical heat transfer analysis of a solid cylinder in longitudinal direction




Orthogonal geometries, temperature fields, steady and transient state, Numerical solutions, FEM analysis.


The analysis of heat transfer in solid bodies with orthogonal geometries and knowledge thereof, is of vast importance in different fields of engineering and research. An important field of study is the thermal analysis in machine-parts that in most cases are designed and shaped with orthogonal geometries. Nevertheless, due to the high complexity and the cost that thermal experiments represent, FEM analysis and numerical solutions are used to foresee thermal fields on these components. These methodologies are certainly reliable, although may vary from real experiments. On that account, this paper presents a thermal experimental test in a solid cylinder of length  and  , made of ISO C45 steel that emulates a machine-part (cylindrical parts as shafts, fasteners and the like). The temperature fields along the longitudinal direction  were analyzed in steady and transient state under homogeneous boundary conditions of the first kind (prescribed temperatures at the boundaries). The three solutions, experimental, numerical and FEM simulations were compared with the purpose of validating the results obtained by each method of solution respectively.


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