The influence of different air electrode structures to discharge characteristics in rechargeable Zn-air battery




energy storage, sustainability, air electrode, discharge


The rechargeable metal-air battery technology is a well-interested smart method for eco-friendly and sustainable energy
storage. Both of the two order of magnitude lower global market price per tonne of Zn compared to lithium and the
multiple theoretical and practical specific energy density of rechargeable ZAB compared to the worldwide Li-ion designs
contributes the developing continuously of rechargeable Zn-air battery. The air electrode as a cathode has a vital role in
increasing the discharge-charge performance in ZABs, therefore different layers-order air electrodes were assembled
with the utilization of Ni-foam, graphite coating and carbon nanoparticles. The tri-layers cathode showed the highest
voltage and performance values compared to the mono- (Ni-foam) and bi- (Ni-foam + graphite coating) layers
architectures. The effect of electrolyte inorganic additives (e.g., 2 n/n% ZnCl2 and 0,05 wt% MnO2) was experienced
especially at the no-load period.


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