Analog and digital modeling of sound and impaired periodontal supporting tissues during mechanical testing




analog and digital modelling, periodontally compromised teeth, molar tooth, furcation involvement, finite element analysis


Periodontitis is one of the most common conditions affecting oral health among adults, posing a great challenge for both patients and also for dentists aiming to treat this disease. In severe stages such deterioration of the supporting tissues, namely the periodontal ligaments and the bone, can occur, which will affect the biomechanical behavior and therefore the longevity and survival of the affected teeth. In order to be able to plan both periodontal and subsequent restorative treatment properly, valid modelling of the current clinical situation is advised. The aim of the present article is to comprehensively discuss possible analog and digital modeling methods of periodontally affected teeth and the periodontal structures surrounding them. Modelling possibilities can serve later as the basis of mechanical load, digital finite element studies, and also aid clinical treatment planning.


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Szabó, V. T., Szabó, B., Tarjányi, T., Szőke-Trenyik, E., Szabó, B. P., & Fráter, M. (2021). Analog and digital modeling of sound and impaired periodontal supporting tissues during mechanical testing. Analecta Technica Szegedinensia, 15(2), 84–97.




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